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Polaris Augmented Reality Solutions (PARS) for testing activities, expert appraisals, and

We have jointly developed Polaris Augmented Reality Solutions (PARS) for testing activities, expert appraisals, and

inspections of public and private buildings, site and usability checks, auditing, quality and safety checks and verifications

of ongoing problems.



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R & D Pipeline


As part of our R&D pipeline, we are enhancing the products to focus on medical care and telediagnosis in the GP/

hospital, national security and prison management.

Health Care & Education


With the enhanced PARS, we can provide a live stream to medical school for medical students as part of their ‘Live

Seminar.’ With the live seminar, the medical professor with the university can explain to the student, in real-time and on

various actions taken during the operation of the patient.

PARS is equipped with a full HD recording facility. The entire operation procedures are recorded for audit or medical

training purposes. A committee can review each medical case should there be any disputes/challenges related to loss

of life during the operation.

National Security


PARS, coupled with our smart glasses, provides online streaming and multichannel communications to the national security

center. Border guard security and Police can live stream scenarios at the site to the center. Using the HD quality

captured by the solution, we can provide images of the suspect to the center. Using the Europol/Interpol blacklist/suspect

list, images captured can be matched with the AFIS engine to determine whether the person being interviewed is

on the wanted/blacklist list.